Star Trek: The New Generation is More of the Same

star-trek-2009Look. I know the new Star Trek “reboot” has received rave reviews all over the place, but this ain’t one of ’em. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was definitely entertaining…just maybe not in the “right” way.

All the talk about how this is “Star Trek for die-hards and non-Trekkies alike” is totally bogus. For those of us who could never boldly go where cheesiness has never gone before, the latest Star Trek is really more of the same.

I can see fans of the original franchise enjoying this new, visually stunning, well cast rendition. However, if you 1. prefer Star Wars over Star Trek and 2. always found the campiness of the original TV and/or movie series overbearing, well, this probably ain’t for you either.

On the bright side, I found myself laughing throughout the entire movie…sometimes where J.J. Abrams was clearly aiming for such a reaction, and other times where he was clearly not. The reference to many of the classic one-liners is fun – Dr. McCoy shouting, “Damn it man. I’m a doctor, not a physicist!” and Scotty, getting all flustered in the engine room, “We’re at maximum power!”.

I think had I gone into the movie with the expectation (or no expectations at all) that it was going to be very Star Trek-ee, I might have been less disappointed. But the fact that critics and reviews pegged this as “Star Trek for everyone” really threw me off, especially when it turned out not to be the case. The villain (Nero) was very underwhelming, the special effects ranged from stunning to meh, and overall, the plot left much to be desired…classic Trek.

Bottom line: If you enjoy Star Trek, you will probably really enjoy this new iteration…if you’re not the biggest fan (or a fan at all), then it’s really not worth rushing out to see. Kirk out.

P.S. Guess I wasn’t the only one who thought the new Star Trek “borrowed” a bit from the original Star Wars: