Good? There’s plenty more where that came from…

What’s better than stumbling across a (random) blog post that you really enjoyed or was exceedingly helpful or that simply whet your inquisitive appetite? More of the same, that’s what!

Thanks to the awesomeness that is WordPress and the useful code (and help) from 3mind, Boilr proudly presents its latest upgrade – Related Posts. (note: a plugin-free solution, for all you WP fans!)

@ the end of every post (on single post pages, not the homepage) you will now find a helpful little list of related content for your enjoyment. This is a feature I’ve been meaning to add for quite sometime and finally, it’s up and running.


P.S. Some of the related posts may be a little outdated, such as the one promising a weekly crossword puzzle…yeah, that never happened 😉 but they’ll still be relevant nonetheless.