Clean your LCD HDTV with Anti-Static Monitor Wipes

anti-static-monitor-wipesCall me crazy, but if you’re gonna spend over $1K on a LCD HDTV, you should probably take care of your new toy once you get it home (and, into the future). Part of that care-taking includes keeping the sensitive LCD panel as clean as possible (I mean, what’s the point of high definition viewing if the screen is dirty?).

Having recently noticed a mysterious smudge on my beloved 47″ HDTV, I decided to forgo the use of regular household cleaners to avoid any possible damage to the screen, and looked for a more specialized product. I ended up getting a canister of Falcon Anti-Static Monitor Wipes (from the maker of Dust-Off) during my last trip to Target (I’m sure this product or something very similar is available at any big-box store, let alone any office-type retailer).

One nice thing about this product (good for any type of LCD panel) is that it’s alcohol-free. After using it on my TV and (non-glossy) LCD monitor, I was pleased to find no leftover residue/streaks. Another benefit of using these pre-moistened wipes (over spray and a cloth) is that you won’t have to worry about excess liquid getting into the monitor’s seams or scratching the panel by using an inappropriate cloth like a paper towel.

The fact is, there are tons of options available to clean your LCD monitor(s), so long as you don’t use anything abrasive (duh! and ideally w/o alcohol) you should be in good shape. So what are you waiting for? Go shine up your TV / computer monitor / etc, and enjoy a better (and more crystal clean) viewing experience. Or, don’t.