WD TV: New 1.02.07 firmware update released

Update 2: Take the “new feature request” poll

Update: Review of new features is up!

Attention WD TV owners: Western Digital has (finally!) released a new firmware update – 1.02.07 – for its WD TV HD Media Player.

1.02.07 includes a number of major (highly anticipated and requested) feature enhancements/fixes:

  • Enhanced cover art, album art, and thumbnail support for media (video!) files and folders
  • Improved media playback and navigation
  • Added spin down function for USB drives when the device is powered down; previously spin down only occurred when a drive was ejected
  • More audio formats for MKV container
  • Additional subtitle languages and decoding support

To see the complete list of updates, check out WD’s release notes. More importantly, head over to the WD TV Product Update site to download the firmware (and for complete installation instructions).

(I was so excited by the news of video thumbnails (and other enhancements), that I rushed to get this post up before having a chance to try the new firmware myself! Check back for an updated review of the new features.)