Guilty As Charged: I want an iClooly iPod touch stand

Those of you who know me know that I’m no Apple fanboy…nor an Apple detractor, for that matter. The fact is, I’ve owned Windows-only computers for my entire life, dabbled with Ubuntu (briefly), and have never (seriously) considered purchasing a “Cupertino Special” (just in case this has some other meaning that I’m unaware of, I’m talking about an Apple computer, of course).

However, I also own (correction: been fortunate to have received as gifts) a couple of iPods – a 60GB iPod w/ Video (5G) and a 32GB iPod touch (2G) – both of which serve me well (60GB lives in the car; iPod touch is useful all over the place). Well, the time has come for me to fess up – I want an iClooly iPod touch stand.

If only it wasn’t $39 (+ shipping) or so limited in utility (the name doesn’t help either), I’d prob have one already. I know, a non-Mac guy who wants a stand to make his iPod touch look like an iMac mini…doesn’t seem to add up. But, ever since I first laid my eyes on this thing (@ the time, roughly a year ago, it was only available overseas), I’ve had a soft spot for it in my gadget-loving heart.

xtandIn any case, this novel stand is made out of aluminum and plastic, rotates 90° (along with some degree of tilt), and provides access to the power button, dock connector, and headphone jack (which requires the use of an included extender). Alternatively, Just Mobile offers its own version – the Xtand – for $40 (+ s/h) which features solid aluminum construction, 360° rotation, adjustable viewing angles, “cable management,” and non-slip feet.

Either way – one is more iMac-ish (above), while the other seems slightly more robust (right) – the novelty of an “iMac mini” sitting on my desk would seem to be amusing for quite some time. Call it what you will…I’m guilty as charged.

However, in the end, I’d never spend a penny on this thing (but always accept donations!) because of two major sticking points: 1. it’s highly unlikely I’d travel with it (where it would be the most useful) given its size; and 2. it would require me to remove the iPod’s case before using, which is just annoying.

P.S. Both stands are also available for iPhone 3G