Celebrate LOST’s 100th episode in (Dharma) style

Warning: Contains LOST spoilers. Do not read/look unless you are all caught up (or don’t watch the show)!
[Update: Unfortunately, these glasses are backordered @ the moment (04/28/09). Clearly lots of fans are celebrating.]

This Wednesday’s show marks the 100th episode of ABC’s highly addictive/frustrating/mind-bending LOST. While the actually LOST folks are celebrating Ace of Cakes style, the rest of us Losties (er, fans) can celebrate the show’s milestone in a very fitting way – by having a cheers with Dharma pint glasses. (Dharma Beer sold separately)

For the really obsessed engaged (and well-off) fan, why not splurge on an Official Dharma Jumpsuit, or if you are more mechanically inclined, on an Official Dharma Motor Pool Jumpsuit.

And hey, if your friends call you out, you can always pretend you’re just getting a jump start on Halloween…