Vista’s Snipping Tool takes PrtScn to the next level

snipping tool vista
Having just recently converted to Windows Vista (Home Premium 64-bit; it came pre-installed on my new computer), I’m still trying to (stay positive and) learn about all of its new features (if you’re looking for a Vista h8 post, you’ve come to the wrong place).

One of the best tools (also available in Windows 7) that I’ve come across is its built-in Snipping Tool, which is essentially an evolution of the old-school PrtScn function. Unlike the latter which only captures your entire screen (thus the name), Snipping Tool offers four different “snip” types: free-form (allows you to capture any shape region), rectangular, window, and full-screen (the last 3 are self-explanatory, I hope šŸ˜‰ ).

To find/try this great tool, go to your Vista start menu search box and type “snipping tool.” Still using XP? No problem (def. can’t blame ya), freeware PrtScr (notice it ends in an “r” not “n”) offers the same functionality.