iApps: ‘Public Radio Tuner’ streams NPR-type stations from around the country to your iDevice

I’m not sure whether to attribute my love of National Public Radio (and related content) to my parents incessant listening while I was growing up in the news-hyper Washington DC Metro Area, the fact that I’ve been commuting a rather sizable distance for the last 5 or so years, and/or to my lack of interest in a lot of ‘current’ music/the terrible decline in quality music radio stations, but its definitely my go-to radio station of choice.

Thus, I am a big fan of the free Public Radio Tuner app (iTunes link) for the iPhone / iPod touch which provides access to over 200 public radio stations from across the country. Not to mention, the latest version (pending approval) will apparently be able to maintain a stream as users switch between networks, i.e. EDGE > 3G > WiFi, etc (iPhone only, of course). Seriously, nice work.