How-to: Prevent unwanted “sneak attacks” at work

There you are sitting at your desk at work, “working” your brains off, when all of a sudden a co-worker/boss appears over your shoulder out of nowhere. We’ve all been there…and its rather unpleasant, especially when you are in the midst of achieving your all time high Tetris score.

For less than $10, you can prevent these unwanted “sneak attacks” with a simple rearview LCD/CRT monitor mirror. ThinkGeek offers an “official” version – C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror – for $6.99, or you can be more resourceful and head on over to your neighborhood car parts store where you can pick up a blind-spot (convex) mirror for under $3 (as shown above).

usb-panic-buttonIf adhering a mirror to your monitor is either not your thing or outright against the rules (rules is rules), you might want to invest in a USB Panic Button. Hitting the (novel, albeit pricey – $24.99) panic button will bring up a mundane work document or image of your choice to throw your colleagues of your non-productive trail.

For more on stealing company time, check out CNET’s more exhaustive list of solutions.