Coming soon: “Sit Down, Shut Up” rooted in Arrested Development DNA

sit down, shut up
Fox’s upcoming animated comedy – Sit Down, Shut Up – is the byproduct of a joint effort between Mitch Hurwitz (creator of “Arrested Development”) and Eric & Kim Tannenbaum (“Two and a Half Men”).

The latest addition to Fox’s Sunday Animation Domination lineup “focuses on the lives of staff members at a high school in a small Florida fishing town who never lose sight of the fact that the children must ALWAYS come second.”

The show (based on a short-lived Australian sitcom of the same name) features the voices of three Arrested Development alumni (Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Henry Winkler), three SNL (past and present) cast members (Will Forte, Cheri Oteri, and Kenan Thompson), and a few other known actors.1

Catch the premiere Sunday, April 19 @ 8:30 PM on Fox.