When it comes to .iso, ImgBurn is the way to go


Windows-only: Freeware ImgBurn is an extremely straight forward and lightweight solution for burning and creating disk images (.iso files). It can also burn various types of CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.

An ISO image (.iso in Windows, .cdr in OSX) is an uncompressed archive file of an optical disc. Generally, this type of file is used to distribute software which would ordinarily require you to burn a disc. However, thanks to virtual drives, .iso files can be “mounted” (aka accessed) directly off a hard drive, thereby removing the hassle of burning a cd/dvd and saving optical media in the process. Thus, you can rip a game or a piece of software that requires the disc be present for operation onto your hard drive and access it without needing the optical media.

ImgBurn is definitely not new (actually it dates back to 2005), but as I’ve recently been asked about .iso / disk images by a number of friends and family, it seemed like a good time to shed a little light on this great app. So next time you come face to face with an ISO image, look no further than ImgBurn to get the job done.