Month: April 2009

Coming Soon: The Dharma Hulu Station (and more)

Earlier today, Walt Disney Co. announced its new partnership with NBC Universal and News Corp.’s popular video site – Hulu. Disney is said to have taken a nearly 30% stake in the successful joint web video venture, and plans to add a number of full-length ABC TV shows including none other than, LOST.
Up until this …

Review: Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless-G Router

This past Sunday, my 5 year old Belkin 802.11g router sent and received its last (data) packets (@ least in my house). After months of incredibly annoying, spotty “service,” I finally decided to pull the trigger on a new router (thanks Best Buy gift card!).
I considered a number of “N” and “G” options, consulted a …

435MT: Recommended 1.1.0 BIOS update available

Update: I’ve installed 1.1.0 on my 435MT. As expected, no noticeable difference (probably a good thing).
Sometime yesterday, Dell released the latest, “recommended” Studio XPS 435MT BIOS update – version 1.1.0. The new release includes the following fixes/enhancements:
1.Update Pre-boot System Assessment to revision 4522.
2.Support new Intel CPUs.
As usual, Dell suggests users install the latest version of …

Today marks one hundred days of moving forward →

Without getting “too into it,” I wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on President Obama’s first 100 days (a silly measure of success, @ best). Considering the enormous challenges he has inherited, and while I may not love each and every decision he and his administration have made up until this point, I …

Guilty As Charged: I want an iClooly iPod touch stand

Those of you who know me know that I’m no Apple fanboy…nor an Apple detractor, for that matter. The fact is, I’ve owned Windows-only computers for my entire life, dabbled with Ubuntu (briefly), and have never (seriously) considered purchasing a “Cupertino Special” (just in case this has some other meaning that I’m unaware of, I’m …

Celebrate LOST’s 100th episode in (Dharma) style

Warning: Contains LOST spoilers. Do not read/look unless you are all caught up (or don’t watch the show)!

[Update: Unfortunately, these glasses are backordered @ the moment (04/28/09). Clearly lots of fans are celebrating.]
This Wednesday’s show marks the 100th episode of ABC’s highly addictive/frustrating/mind-bending LOST. While the actually LOST folks are celebrating Ace of Cakes style, …


Vista’s Snipping Tool takes PrtScn to the next level

Having just recently converted to Windows Vista (Home Premium 64-bit; it came pre-installed on my new computer), I’m still trying to (stay positive and) learn about all of its new features (if you’re looking for a Vista h8 post, you’ve come to the wrong place).
One of the best tools (also available in Windows 7) …

Get your (officially licensed) creativity on with Zazzle

First, there was CafePress – a do-it-yourself web shop which allows store “owners” to create custom goods and apparel. CP is mostly centered around maintaining an actual webfront, which, at the end of the day, is not for everyone.
Now, there is Zazzle (its def. not new, but I’ve never covered it here) – another …

Shirt of the Day: Che Wearing Che T-shirt T-shirt

I know, two Shirt of the Day posts in four days…working real hard over here, aren’t I? In fact, that’s just it. I am (mostly) working hard, just not on blogging, but rather on finishing up law school (just a bit more important).
With that said, one of my trusty t-shirt ninjas spotted this novel shirt …

Love @ first sight: The MINI Speedster

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of BMW’s MINI automobiles. After living in San Francisco for the past five years, I’ve had to deal with my MINI-lust on a daily basis as they can literally be found driving and/or parked on just about every street here.
Well, my love affair with this killer go-kart …