Monthly archives: March, 2009

SnugWow! (need I say more?) [video]

Conchords take final (HBO) flight tonight, but is it really the end?

Tonight’s episode of Flight of the Conchords – Evicted – marks the end of the second season of this hysterical HBO comedy series.

Sadly, the hilarious New Zealand comedy duo have previously said that this season would be their last. However, HBO’s website lists tonight’s episode as the season 2 finale, not specifically as a series …

Happy March equinox, everybody!

Today, March 20, is the day in which the Earth enjoys equal parts day and night – aka the semiannual equinox.

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, today is the vernal (from the Latin for spring) equinox, making it the autumnal equinox south of the equator.

Hooray for equality!

iApps: Arcade Bowling Lite puts skeeball in your pocket

Skyworks’ Arcade Bowling Lite (iTunes link) is the epitomy of what a great iPhone / iPod touch application can be – novel, easy to play, and surprisingly entertaining.

At first glance, this free app is nothing more than a simple skeeball simulator. However, for anyone who grew up playing the sport (be it at your neighborhood …

iApps: WordPress for iPhone v1.2 includes many anticipated updates

Version 1.2 of Automattic’s WordPress for iPhone (and iPod touch) popped up in the App Store updates section earlier today.

For anyone who uses the WordPress blogging platform and an iPhone / iPod touch, this new version brings invaluable features to the table (er, touch screen) including:

Landscape mode with “extra wide keyboard”
Link creation help
Support for editing …

End of an era: Robot, Esq. retires from practice

This coming Saturday (March 21, 2009) marks the end of an era: will officially be shut down (a.k.a. I don’t want to foot the bill for a separate domain any longer).

My first (and only) web comic (created over a 6 month span in 2007 during my first year of law school) followed the world’s …

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Top ‘O the mornin’ to ya! Grab a Guinness, eat some four-leaf clover cookies, and enjoy St. Patty’s!

Will Ferrell is tenawesome in You’re Welcome, America: A Final Night with George W. Bush

Last night’s HBO premier of Will Ferrell’s one-man Broadway show – You’re Welcome, America: A Final Night with George W. Bush – was hilarious, as expected.

The 90 minute play/skit hybrid covers W’s rise to the presidency along with his two terms in office. Although the show is certainly not for everyone (many people have …

LaCie gets literal, makes actual USB key drive

LaCie, known for its somewhat unusual digital storage designs, has released one of the most practical products I’ve seen in quite a long time – a USB flash drive in the shape of a key.

I mean, if you’re gonna tote a flash drive around on your key chain anyways, why not make it a bit …

435MT: 1.0.12 BIOS update released, includes possible fan noise fix

Update: Installed new BIOS…seems slightly quieter under “heavy load” than before. How is your 435MT fan noise post-update?

Dell released a recommended BIOS update today – v.1.0.12 – for the Dell Studio XPS 435MT. After months of owners complaining about fan noise, the new BIOS may finally address this issue.

Version 1.0.12 includes the following fixes/enhancements:
1.Fan Control …