Rumor: Phish is planning an early fall festival in Texas

Update: Phish is NOT planning a Texas festival afterall…

The video-teaser (above) that Phish posted to announce the second leg of their summer tour may reveal more than meets the eye. According to The Butter Room, the farm featured in the clip is located in Georgetown, Texas (just about 30 miles outside of Austin).

Once they figured this out, the Butter Room folks apparently performed some due diligence:

Calls to Georgetown’s Public Information Office did not verify that Phish will be throwing a festival, but do indicate that a touring band with a substantial following has indicated interest in using the location for a festival in late September. While it certainly is far from confirmed that Phish is playing a season-ending festival, there’s no doubt that the band has always had a playful, humorous nature with their fans when it comes to revealing tour information.

While this is clearly still unsubstantiated speculation at best (A for effort though, guys!), it also wouldn’t surprise me in the least if something like this was to actually pan out.

See you in Texas?

[Thanks BW]