Phish: live & uncut @ Hampton Coliseum – 3.6.09 [video]

Welcome back! / Fluffhead

As promised, here are the (raw) videos I “filmed” during Phish’s killer return to the stage last Friday, March 6, 2009 at Hampton Coliseum. Not only was the band hitting on all cylinders, but CK5 put on a spectacular light show (not that I’d expect anything less) as evidenced by this footage.

Much more after the break…

The Divided Sky

Chalk Dust Torture



Theme From the Bottom

First Tube (sideways)

First Tube (more amazing lights)

Harry Hood

Bouncing Around the Room

From the lot

Hampton @ night

As fun as it is to see the music, be sure to head on over to to download the full weekend in MP3 (for free!) for far superior audio quality/enjoyment. Cheers!