Month: March 2009

Choose the right font for the job with Font Picker

Ever tried to find the perfect font for a new logo, powerpoint presentation, website, or other project only to become frustrated/discouraged after rummaging through all your system’s fonts? If so, (third-party) Adobe AIR app – Font Picker – may just be the solution you’ve been waiting for.
This freeware app (AIR required) makes picking through fonts …

Phish is NOT planning a Texas festival afterall

Rumors of a possible early fall Phish festival just outside Austin, Texas have been quashed. Last night, Austin’s local Fox News affiliate posted an interview with the farm owner who says there is no secret concert in the works.
Back to work, everyone…

Third time’s a charm: Tiger completes impressive comeback for first win of 2009

Get your time travel on for under $250

1.21 gigawatts of raw flux capacitor power can be yours for the low, low price of $249.99. That is, unless you’re too chicken to drive 88mph…

Update: Studio XPS 435MT fan noise mitigated, but not gone

Update: BIOS 1.1.2 (which greatly reduces fan noise) is now available.
Since installing the latest BIOS update (1.0.12) two weeks ago, I’ve generally noticed a slight decrease in fan noise when putting the machine under stress. This is a good thing.
However, every now and then (including right now, as I write this), I find the case …

Family Guy to Strike Back (next season) with “Something, Something, Something, Dark Side”

Update: Something, Something, Something Dark Side will be released on DVD / Blu-ray December 22, 2009.

The Family Guy Season 6 (fall 2007) opener – Blue Harvest – is perhaps one of the best Star Wars parodies/spin-offs/licensing endeavors George Lucas has ever signed off on. (Ok, Robot Chicken – Star Wars was pretty great as …

Super Mario Bros. 3 pushpin mosaic coffee table, complete with pipe legs

There’s a simple rule of life that most every (respectable) person follows – give credit, where credit is due. In this case, credit is due to the blogger behind The Artist and The Ego for this fantastic (and nostalgic) pushpin mosaic Super Mario Bros. 3 coffee table.
Not only did he create a wonderful, diy Super …

Hello FireTorrent, goodbye standalone torrent apps

Experimental Firefox add-on – FireTorrent – makes downloading BitTorrent files a breeze, while at the same time, rendering standalone BitTorrent clients (Vuze, LimeWire, etc) unnecessary.
FireTorrent offers “native integrated support for BitTorrent into Firefox with competitive download speeds.” Once installed, users can download torrent files the same as any other “regular” file downloads, right from Firefox.
It’s …

Rumor: Phish is planning an early fall festival in Texas

Update: Phish is NOT planning a Texas festival afterall…

The video-teaser (above) that Phish posted to announce the second leg of their summer tour may reveal more than meets the eye. According to The Butter Room, the farm featured in the clip is located in Georgetown, Texas (just about 30 miles outside of Austin).
Once they …


Samsung takes advertising to the next level with Extreme Sheep LED Art [video]

Easily one of the most creative and awesomely random ads of all time.

[Thanks TH]