Travel tip: Do some homework before you pick your (plane) seat


Planning the perfect vacation? Found the best places to stay? Stumbled across an almost too-good-to-be-true plane ticket? Then don’t let a bad seat selection ruin your to and from!

Thanks to TripAdvisor’s incredibly helpful (other) service – SeatGuru – you’ll never pick a bad plane seat again (based on availability, of course)!

This “I should have thought of that” website offers travelers detailed information and images regarding the particular layout of the specific type of aircraft on the airline that you are flying, thereby eliminating the customary guessing game and helping you avoid making a seat selection error.

legend seat map example

Now you can strategically plot out your seats. The plane diagrams are chalk-full of helpful insight, including such information like whether you will have an uncomfortable view of the drop-down LCD screens or if you have reserved seats next to a mid-plane lavatory when you thought/hoped it was one of the galley kitchens.

For example, while planning an upcoming trip to Australia (!!!), we used SeatGuru to find (and subsequently reserve) the bulkhead seats so we’d get a little extra leg room while traveling for 14 uninterrupted hours in the cattle car (see: coach).

Clearly, this service is more useful with larger planes and for longer flights.  Nonetheless, a quick visit to SeatGuru (or alternatively, SeatExpert) should become part of any traveler’s trip planning routine.

Bon Voyage!