Get the most out of Dell tech support with Chat


If you own a Dell computer (with a valid warranty) and have ever used Dell’s technical support over the phone, you don’t need me to tell you that the experiences (i.e. the actual support) range from quick and helpful to completely lost in translation (as in, an enormously frustrating waste of time).

dell-logoFortunately, Dell introduced online Chat support sometime ago. This alternative form of communication alleviates 3 major flaws with their phone system: 1. language barrier issues are essentially removed from the equation (except certain idioms/expressions may still be confusing as most of the tech support is located overseas); 2. there is a written record of your conversation (which is emailed at the end of the session) making any future references to the same issue much easier to deal with; and 3. the chat support sessions begin almost instantaneously, thereby alleviating the customary long wait times associated with phone support.chat1

This may all seem rather obvious, but the more Dell customers I speak with, the more apparent it is that the live Chat option is both underutilized and sometimes unknown.  The only catch = if your one and only machine is not working or won’t go online, and you don’t have an alternative method to connect, then clearly you are sh*t out of luck when it comes to chat support.

So next time you get a BSOD or (hopefully) some less severe issue with your Dell, forget the phone and try Chat support.  I can’t guarantee that it won’t get frustrating at times, but at least you won’t have invested much time or energy in the process.