Blu-ray coming to a car near you, maybe


Mitsubishi Electric (a sibling of Mitsubishi Motors) has announced a single-DIN sized Blu-ray player for automobiles.  The unit is roughly 1/3 the size of a “normal” Blu-ray deck and will fit right in your dashboard. According to Tech On, “The new BD player is expected to be used in combination with Mitsubishi Electric’s car navigation systems.” It’s scheduled to go into production sometime later this year, but it’s unknown whether it will be sold separately.

Besides giving Pimp My Ride / Street Customs more incentive to cram as many small (see: unwatchable) LCD screens into their respective “projects,” I can’t really see much of a market for this thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love high definition as much as the next guy, but pumping 1080p onto 7-10″ LCDs seems completely unnecessary. Nor do 25/50GB Blu-ray discs provide much (if any) benefit over existing hard drive-based navi systems.

Or maybe I just have a problem with Blu-ray, in general.  It’s 2009. Isn’t it time to leave optical media behind for the wonderful world of flash memory? Yes, yes it is.