Headline news: Buy Obama, boost the economy


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These mugs are the perfect compliment to your growing collection of CNN Obama Headline T-shirts, the amazing Barack Obama Bobblehead (for only $14.95 + s/h) being sold at NBC’s webstore, the ABC News Obama Inauguration DVD, and the plethora of Obama goods at the CBS News online store!

Proceeds from these highly desirable goods will not only help boost our ailing economy and show support for our 44th President, but they will also aid in keeping American’s premier news organizations (except Fox News – their store has ZERO Obama gear) up and running during these tough economic times. I mean, don’t you think the news media deserves some credit (and some of your hard-earned cash) for all they’ve done for our nation lately?

What are you waiting for? Get out there, support your favorite news co., and buy Obama!