Why pay more? Buy A/V/C cables online…duh


In times of economic hardship (see: right now), cutting costs wherever and whenever possible is absolutely essential for everyone’s bottom line.  In today’s stupidly obvious post, I’m here to plead with the general public: Stop paying too much for your audio/video/computer cables when you can save massive amounts online!

Here’s a typical example: You just got yourself a shiny new HDTV (because 1. it was time, 2. the prices have fallen out of the sky, and 3. your trusty old analog signal is about to eventually going to be shut off).  The problem is, the cheapskate manufacturer failed to provide you with the appropriate cables to get your system hooked up for the highest quality playback/viewing/use.  We’re talking HDMI here.

Instead of running out to your neighborhood electronics/computer retailer and plunking down $30/40/50 for a single 6′ HDMI 1.3 cable (see: Best Buy $39.99 / Radioshack $29.99), why not save a few bucks (although it will cost you a few days worth of patience) and buy the sucker online for a fraction of the cost.  For example, Meritline (one of my go-to online cable sources; no I don’t get any commission) sells a single HDMI 1.3 6′ cable for $8.99 with free shipping, or 2 for $13.99 (also with free shipping). Clearly, saving yourself over 300% off the local retail price is a no-brainer.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…