White House tech: At least the TV looks decent


Amid recent reports that the White House is decades behind in terms of technology, the American people can at least rest assured that our Football-Fan-in-Chief was able to watch the game on a decent (if not incredible) HDTV.

From the looks of this official WhiteHouse.gov photo (above), I’d guess President Obama and Co. watched Sunday’s surprisingly exciting (at least in the 4th quarter) Super Bowl XLIII on at least 55″ 60″ (give or take) of glorious high definition.

Before the game started, President Obama sat down for a candid interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer.  The following is my favorite (and tech related) excerpt:

Q Let’s talk about the BlackBerry, all right? You got to keep it.


Q Can I see it? Do you have it?

THE PRESIDENT: You know, I didn’t bring it down here.

Q No?

THE PRESIDENT: No, it’s like Inspector Gadget — you know, if you touched it, it might blow up.

Q I kind of envision that, it’s like Q in the James Bond — did they give you, like, fingerprint recognition technology or something?

THE PRESIDENT: The works. The works. It turns into a car if I have to make a quick getaway. (Laughter.)