JCCIC to console rejected ticket holders with “consolation gifts”


Update: The AP posted a short piece late last night – Blocked ticket holders to get inaugural items

Local Washington, DC TV station, NBC4, is reporting that those of us who never made it in to see Obama’s Inauguration this past Tuesday will be given “consolation prizes” in exchange for the extremely frustrating/disappointing hardships we faced.

Those with blue, silver and purple tickets who didn’t make it in will receive copies of the swearing-in invitation and program; photos of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden; and a color print of the ceremony, [JCCIC] spokeswoman Carole Florman said.

According to the news channel’s brief article, Purple People (as well as blue and silver rejectees) “should check the committee’s Web site early next week for instructions on how to claim their items.”  There are (so far) no further details as to how they will verify or handle the distribution of these “gifts.”

While nothing can really make up for the fact that thousands of us were denied access to the “most open inauguration celebrations in US history,” at least the JCCIC has taken it upon itself to do something on our collective behalf.  Meanwhile, the investigation continues…