Feinstein chimes in, calls for investigation into (purple/blue) ticket debacle


The JCCIC sent out yet another email today addressing the terrible (purple)  ticket problem of the 2009 Inauguration in which Senator Feinstein (D-CA) has asked for those of us who where part of this disappointing (and preventable) incident to contact the Secret Service (with no direct contact information provided) as well as emailing the JCCIC @ [email protected].

I (obviously) encourage everyone who was affected by the (purple and blue) ticket debacle to speak out so that we can at least try and help prevent this type of mismanagement from reoccuring at future inaugurations.  While nothing can really make up for the lack of organization and assistance met at the Purple (and Blue) Gate, which prevented thousands of us from witnessing Obama’s historic swearing-in, at least something is happening.

It is worth pointing out that those of us affected at/by the Purple Gate acted with the utmost respect for each other and incredible obedience on the cold morning of January 20, 2009.  With so many people so upset and crammed into such a tight area for so long with little-to-no security and zero event staff, it speaks volumes about all of us for maintaing the peace and not interrupting what was an amazing and monumental day in the history of America.

In the end, the most important part of yesterday was having Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th POTUS.  In honor of his achievement, and because of its incredible significance to all Americans (and even to people around the world), I think that us Purple People (all of whom made a collective decision not to get out of control and cause any serious incidents) should be proud of our fellow citizens and rejoice in the fact that no matter what happened (to us), Obama is now officially our President.