WTF? CNET doesn’t proofread, shows its true colors in Twitter feed?

cnet juju error

There are typos, and then there are TYPOS.  Apparently the folks over at CNET skipped “Proofreading 101” while getting their blogging degrees (see left img). It is one thing to make a mistake, it is another to publish a tasteless headline on Twitter to generate more hits, especially when it becomes a featured tweet on the side of a CNET article.

The article’s writer responded to readers’ outrage in the comments:

“Fixed- thanks for the head’s up, obviously we would never do this on purpose, apologies for the mistake!”

But CNET failed to delete or remove the Twitter feed.  Not to mention, as deftly pointed out by user Jazsax, it is one thing to write ‘jy’ or ‘ji’ as ‘y’ and ‘i’ are right next to ‘u’ on the keyboard…it is a whole other animal to “mistakenly” write ‘jew’ 4 times. WTF CNET?!

In the end, I do believe this was a honest mistake.  Either way, it is pretty pathetic that no editors, other CNET personel, or Yu himself 1. spotted the “error,” and/or 2. allowed it to be published.

One more reason to ditch CNET and stick to the real tech blogs – CrunchGear | Engadget.