Hail Fail to the Redskins


After getting Skins fans’ hopes up by starting the 2008 season 6-2, the Washington Redskins turned what could have been an incredible year into pure crap disappointment, ending up 8-8 (after going an abysmal 2-6 in the second half of the season) following today’s last minute loss to the SF 49ers.

Over the past 17 seasons (since their last improbable Superbowl victory in 1991), the Redskins have a developed a serious problem – they cannot finish.  Whether it is failing to “show up” for 1 2 3 or 4 quarters,  playing down (and sometimes up) to their competitions’ level, or by shooting themselves in the foot (with penalties or lack of focus), the Skins cannot seem to put a whole season together.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be back next season decked out in burgundy and gold to root them on.  But, seriously.  Something’s got to change. Instead of firing the head coach every season or changing the entire offensive scheme, lets start with the simple things.  The kicker and punter (both of whom should have been fired weeks ago) need to be axed.  Most of the offensive line either needs to hit the gym, watch more game tape, find a new career, or some combination of the three.  Something has got to give…

At least Redskins’ fans can take some comfort in the fact that our most heated rival, the Dallas Crybabys Cowboys, didn’t make the playoffs either.  Until next year, lets hope for some more change we can believe in, in Washington DC.