’08 Person of the Year: Barry O’Bomber


Timing is everything. If not for his remarkable 2004 DNC keynote speech, Barack Obama would never have been elected as our 44th President, let alone Time’s 2008 Person of the Year.

On his road to becoming the first African-American President-elect, Obama and Co. continuously proved that they could beat the odds: first by defeating his seemingly unbeatable democratic rival, and then by crushing his republican opposition by 6+ percentage points in the popular vote (collecting well over 300 electoral votes).

Was it really much of a question when deciding this year’s person, Time? Yea, there are other people who have made headlines this year, but has anyone else so obviously (and positively) impacted the world, let alone history, as much as Barry O’Bomber?

Mostly, its just nice to see Time choose a person worthy of the title for once instead of picking some sensational character who hogged news coverage because of some terrible act(s) or because of his/her extremely controversial nature.