Boilr’s Favorite Free Apps Guide 2008


With ~2 weeks left in the year and Chrismahanukwanzakah just around the corner, it's a perfect time to revisit my favorite freeware of 2008.  If you are planning to give and/or receive a new computer* this holiday season, save yourself (and/or your loved ones) some hard-earned dough by switching to these highly capable, (paid for-alternative) zero-cost apps: The Interwebs DVD Ripping and Burning Media Playback and Organization Communications Security, Protection, and Disk Optimization General Utilities *Disclaimer: (1) This "guide" is focused on WinXP (but most, if not all, of the programs are available on other platforms, i.e. Linux/OSX/Vista); (2) Although a 2008 guide, this doesn't necessarily mean the software was actually released this year; (3) Freeware refers to software that is distributed without charge1, but that is clearly subject to change; and (4) Boilr does not encourage or condone any illegal usage of the featured apps/websites.