Month: December 2008

WD TV: HD media playback done right

Update: Now with video thumbnails!

After quietly showing up on electronic retailers’ shelves/websites last month, the WD TV HD Media Player has made quite a splash, garnering solid reviews from the likes of CrunchGear, real consumers (see Amazon / Newegg reviews), and now Boilr. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to watch all …

Hail Fail to the Redskins

After getting Skins fans’ hopes up by starting the 2008 season 6-2, the Washington Redskins turned what could have been an incredible year into pure crap disappointment, ending up 8-8 (after going an abysmal 2-6 in the second half of the season) following today’s last minute loss to the SF 49ers.
Over the past 17 seasons …

Merry Xmas / Happy Hanukka, Dammit!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukka (below), Dammit!

Snuggie – The Blanket with Sleeves!

You just can’t beat good ol’ fashion American ingenuity.

Flight of the Conchords Season 2 premiere online now!

Season 2 Online Premiere – Flight of the Conchords (US Only) – watch more funny videos

Can’t wait until January for new Conchords episodes? Me neither, thanks Funny or Die!

’08 Person of the Year: Barry O’Bomber

Timing is everything. If not for his remarkable 2004 DNC keynote speech, Barack Obama would never have been elected as our 44th President, let alone Time’s 2008 Person of the Year.
On his road to becoming the first African-American President-elect, Obama and Co. continuously proved that they could beat the odds: first by defeating his seemingly …

All the LOST you can handle…

…until the 5th season premier on Jan. 21, 2009.


Star Wars: A Musical Journey covers entire saga

Star Wars (a clear favorite ’round these parts) has been through its share of transformations over the last 30+ years. The latest reincarnation – Star Wars: A Musical Journey – is a joint effort between Lucasfilm and composer John Williams.
The entire classic space saga has been compressed down into a two hour show where …

W: That’s what happens in free societies

Quite possibly the best moves Bush has made in eight years!


Boilr’s Favorite Free Apps Guide 2008

With ~2 weeks left in the year and Chrismahanukwanzakah just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to revisit my favorite freeware of 2008.  If you are planning to give and/or receive a new computer* this holiday season, save yourself (and/or your loved ones) some hard-earned dough by switching to these highly capable, (paid for-alternative) …