Month: November 2008

Do your Black Friday homework

With 10 days to go until Black Friday, it’s a great time for crazed inspired shoppers to start planning ahead with  As each successive year brings bigger bargains, longer lines, and greater competition, it’s become increasingly necessary to prioritize which deals matter to you the most.
Alternatively, if the idea of sleeping-in after a night …

For the Sith who has everything

Having trouble figuring out what to buy that special boy man Sith in your life? For just a few Galactic Credits (or $269.99 USD), you can put a smirk on his face with the galaxy’s ultimate battle station – the Lego Star Wars Death Star II!

WordPress has gone plaid

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Since the last major release (2.6), WordPress now has built-in support for Google Gears.  Once enabled (click “Turbo” in the upper right corner of the dashboard), Gears …

Keeping tabs on President 2.0

With just about 2 months left until President-elect Barack Obama gets sworn in as the 44th President of the USA, there is no shortage of Barack-news.  If you are looking for a quick and easy way (or alt. to previously mentioned iApp Obama ’08) to keep tabs on our technology-centric President-to-be, check out ObamaFox – …

Riding the iPod touch Wave

Griffin Technology’s Wave for iPod is a great case for the 2nd gen. iPod touch.  Not only does it fit the iTouch extremely well (adding very little bulk), but it also features a removable interlocking bottom for easier docking.

The Wave is made out of a translucent hard plastic, and yet, feels soft.  Unlike traditional silicone …

Counting down the seconds

Brighten up your day with a glance @ the Countdown to January 20, 2009

The Cloud Command Center expands

SMS might have been delayed, but that didn’t stop Google from launching Gmail voice and video chat today.
Since Gmail’s inception 4+ yrs ago, Google has been pretty slow in bringing new functionality to its webmail…until recently.  Over the past several weeks however, Gmail has transformed into a versatile communications platform, centralizing the ability to interact …

A (Firefox) risk worth taking

The folks over at Mozilla are all about community development for Firefox add-ons.  So much so, they allow developers to release ‘Experimental Add-ons‘…aka extensions that function, but are still too buggy for general consumption.
GCal Popup is one such add-on.  Once installed, this great extension adds a gCal button to your FF status bar.  Click the …

South Park celebrates the election

About Last Night… captures the true spirit of the 2008 Presidential Election. What better place to turn to, but America’s favorite small town to get a real sense of what Obama’s historic victory means to people across the country.

Shirt of the Day

Great news for the Obama kids!