Twitter me this…

While looking for a good way to share/catalog all the random interwebs news/stuff/crap I come across on a daily basis (that I don’t want or have time to formally blog about), I finally decided to give Twitter a spin.

I’ve always thought the concept of micro-blogging seemed like complete overkill. But now, I view Twitter more as a link depository…a central place to store articles/info/sites I find interesting/helpful and either want to share or read at a later time.

Not surprisingly, the Twitter community has generated countless apps for reading and posting to the service.  My current Twitool of choice is FF ext. TwitterBar, which enables direct postings through Firefox’s address bar.  As for remote Twittering, (the free version of) iApp Twitterific takes the cake due to its ability to post links (from Mobile Safari) alongside text (in contrast to something like TwitterFon, which lacks the linking functionality).

As for sharing, I’m using WP plugin Twitter Tools to display recent tweets in Boilr’s sidebar…or you can check out the full feed @

Happy Twittering!