Keeping tabs on President 2.0

With just about 2 months left until President-elect Barack Obama gets sworn in as the 44th President of the USA, there is no shortage of Barack-news.  If you are looking for a quick and easy way (or alt. to previously mentioned iApp Obama '08) to keep tabs on our technology-centric President-to-be, check out ObamaFox - a Firefox add-on that provides "instant access" to all things Obama (through the addition of an "O" logo button to the FF status bar). Barack Obama ran one of the best and most impressive campaigns in U.S. Presidential Election history. His willingness, understanding, and acceptance of technology has forever transformed the political landscape in America...and now he is poised to bring the same game-changing mentality to the presidency. Not even in office yet, and Obama has already made leaps and bounds over previous administrations.  His transition website - - is the first government website to feature both useful information and attractive web design (maintaining much of the look and feel of his successful campaign site -  Why not bring a little class and sophistication to government communications?! Moving well beyond simple websites, Obama & Co. showed that keeping in touch with the times not only matters, but makes an enormous difference.  By utilizing most forms of popular Internet media (Facebook, MySpace, DIgg, Twitter, and YouTube, to name a few) throughout the campaign, Barack was able to connect with our country's future - America's youth. In keeping with this trend, Obama has announced that he will be posting his weekly address to the nation on YouTube (in conjunction with the more traditional radio-only method of previous presidents).  It is this sort of forward thinking that already sets this man apart from the pack.  While it's true that many of these technologies did not exist in prior years, Obama clearly understands the great impact and importance of utilizing these mass communications tools for the greater good. With so many incredible obstacles and hurdles to overcome in the coming years, it is critical that our government support and encourage innovation and new technologies. We could not have elected our first President 2.0 - Barack Obama - at a better time.