Month: October 2008

Conchords fly back in Jan ’09

If you’re like me, you have been patiently anxiously awaiting the return of Bret and Jemaine since the end of their premier season in 2007.  A casualty of the Writer’s Strike, the dynamic Kiwi Duo is set to return for their encore season in January 2009 (originally scheduled for fall 2008).
Encore, you ask?  Unfortunately, yes.  …

Barack is Swahili for ‘That One’

Obama finally set the record straight.

Weekend Update: Joe Cool v. Yosemite Sam

Most accurate portrayal of the candidates yet!

Shirt of the Day

Wonder where he got an idea like this?!
Sneaky dad McCain names newborn VP after Palin…

Surfing the web to better (mental) health

According to a new UCLA study, searching the web enhances brain circuitry in middle-aged and older adults.  In the same way that crossword puzzles, regular reading, and other mind-stimulating activities are thought to help keep the brain “in shape,” this new research suggests adding web surfing to the list.
While the study focused on older web …

Don’t click on the phone!

Let’s hope this is as close as we ever get to…PalinAsPresident.
Otherwise, I’m with Tina Fey.

Text messaging elephants

Private Kenyan animal reserve – Ol Pejeta Conservancy – has turned to text messaging in an effort to prevent elephants from damaging surrounding property and to keep the animals safe.
By creating a virtual GPS fence around the reserve’s borders, the rangers are able to monitor elephants’ locations via gEarth with mobile SIM cards embedded in …

New Rule: Debating v. Flatlining

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Burn Before Seeing

The Coen Bros.‘s latest movie – Burn After Reading – was a total letdown, especially when you consider all of the talent it brought to the table.
Unlike previous cult-hits such as Fargo and, of course, The Big Lebowski, BAR seemed to be lacking all over.  The characters were poorly developed cliches, the writing was nowhere …

Scion to sell Smart-killer Toyota iQ

MotorTrend is reporting that Toyota’s ‘mini’ car – iQ – will come to the US under its Scion brand.
As previously noted, the iQ is gunning directly for Smart’s ForTwo, and is expected to better its competition in both MPG and passenger capacity.  The iQ’s unique 3+1 configuration accommodates 3 adults and one small child while …