Never miss another game

We’ve reached the annual US sports overload overlap extravaganza – the World Series, the heart of the NFL and NCAA football seasons, the beginning of the NHL season, and pre-season NBA action – all competing for sports fans’ attention.

As a DC sports fan transplanted in SF, I’ve grown tired of missing my teams’ games due to blackouts and local team priority.

In search of a solution, I came across – – a free service that provides schedules for a huge variety of sporting events around the world.  More importantly, the site links to free live streaming broadcasts.

Some of the streams work in-browser (i.e. MediaPlayer), while others require software downloads (i.e. TVAnts).  The quality varies depending on the particular feed and is certainly not a replacement for catching sports live in HD on TV.

Nonetheless, the ability to find and watch just about any live sporting event online at any given time is pretty [email protected]@ss.