Conchords fly back in Jan ’09

If you're like me, you have been patiently anxiously awaiting the return of Bret and Jemaine since the end of their premier season in 2007.  A casualty of the Writer's Strike, the dynamic Kiwi Duo is set to return for their encore season in January 2009 (originally scheduled for fall 2008). Encore, you ask?  Unfortunately, yes.  This past summer, Flight of the Conchords told British music publication, Q, that the second season will, in fact, be the last.  Citing the incredible challenge of coming up with 10 more episodes of original and hilarious material, the Conchords want to end the show on top (similar to Ricky Gervais' decision to end his hit shows, The Office and Extras, after only 2 seasons each). As disappointing as this may be, there are still 10 new episodes to look forward to in the new year.

Cheer up, Murray!