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Happy Halloween

Colbert: Be a Maverick, endorse Obama

The Cloud Command Center

The recent addition of gCal and gDocs gadgets to Gmail Labs effectively turns this incredibly popular webmail app into a true Cloud Command Center – complete with email, instant messaging, calendaring, and document viewing.

When combined with other Gmail “experiments” (i.e. right-side chat), users are able to reconfigure Gmail to better take advantage of these new …

22nd Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert

[flv: 500 281]
The 22nd Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert took place this past weekend @ Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA.  Saturday’s performers included (in order of appearance):

Band of Horses
Cat Power
Death Cab for Cutie
Sarah McLachlan
Norah Jones
Jack Johnson
Neil Young

Fittingly, Neil Young put on the most enjoyable set of the night playing a number of classics …

Moss runs the Skins to 6-2

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Shirt of the Day

Something to look forward to…

The Hot Lady and the Tiger Woods Guy

Fake America for Obama

Thanks Gov. Palin for setting the record straight.  No longer do blue states Fake Americans have to hide our real Anti-Real America feelings.  Instead, we can now turn our attention back to our Fake lives.

More energy can be focused on getting out the Fake vote, supporting our Fake candidate in the Fake election, eating Fake …

Never miss another game

We’ve reached the annual US sports overload overlap extravaganza – the World Series, the heart of the NFL and NCAA football seasons, the beginning of the NHL season, and pre-season NBA action – all competing for sports fans’ attention.

As a DC sports fan transplanted in SF, I’ve grown tired of missing my teams’ games due …

Redskins hold on to go 5-2

Despite fumbling late in the game, NFL rushing leader – Clinton Portis – ran for 175 yards and a touchdown helping the Skins defeat the Browns 14-11.
Update: Portis credits “Team Ball”