Are you ready for some (streaming) football?

While last Thursday night’s (painful to watch for Skins’ fans) game officially marked the beginning of the ’08-09 NFL season, today is the first Sunday – aka the real start to fall and football.

For the first time in National Football League broadcast history, Thursday and Sunday Night games will be available streaming online for free at According to the official site, the webcasts will feature:

  • Live interactive broadcast: With multiple camera feeds
  • Picture-in-picture: Superimpose any of four camera feeds
  • In-game highlghts: Avaiable throughout every quarter
  • Full-screen capability: For a lean-back experience
  • Real-time commentary: Play-by-play action coverage
  • Ask your question: And be apart of the live game
  • Team Stats: Follow game offensive leaders and your team

Nothing terribly groundbreaking here, but as a fan of the NFL and the interwebs, I’m always happy to see more worthwhile streaming content become available.  Go Skins!