Month: September 2008

Meatspace Mario Kart

ThinkGeek never ceases to amaze with its endless supply of randomly awesome crap stuff; the Mario Kart Slot Car Racing Set is a prime example.
How [email protected]$$ is this thing?  Mario and Wario going head-to-head in 1:43 scale, racing around 20+ feet of twisting track!
Unfortunately… meatspace Mario Kart doesn’t come cheap – $79.99.

Star Wars gets fashionable

Designer Marc Ecko has an entire line of officially licensed Star Wars gear, including these killer Real Trooper and Fett For Real hoodies.
Easiest (and most stylish) Halloween costumes ever?
Update: Right back at ya, Ecko – Echo Base

iApps: Stanza + iDevice = eReader

Stanza turns your iPod touch/iPhone into a full-fledged eReader (think Amazon’s $300+ Kindle) complete with free downloadable books, magazines, newspapers, and more.
Similar to previously mentioned Instapaper, Stanza’s real appeal is its offline functionality.  It enables users to read all the content without the need for Internet access, effectively turning the iDevice into a portable (and …

Skins top the Boys!

Congrats to the Washington Redskins for defeating the Cowboys IN Dallas!

Easiest degree you will ever get

After 9+ grueling years of surfing the interwebs, I’ve finally earned my Internet Diploma!
Think you are up for the challenge?  Head over to My Internet Diploma and grab your own professional Internet Surfing degree.

Amy Couric interviews Tina Palin

Led Zeppelin agrees to Summer 2009 tour?!

According to The Sun, famed ultra-rockers – Led Zeppelin – have agreed (in principle) to reunite for a 2009 summer tour!
Apparently Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and (late-drummer John Bonham’s son) Jason Bonham had seriously contemplated touring sans Plant. After considering a number of potential fill-ins, Robert Plant has apparently given in (or so …

King takes note of Rock’s “unique” point

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It’s the economy, stupid…

Letterman rips McCain for flaking

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Dave – the real Straight Talk Express

iApps: Lightsaber Unleashed strikes back

Original app store hit – PhoneSaber – has been relaunched as – Lightsaber Unleashed – an official (free) app developed by TheMacBox with support from Lucasfilm in promotion of The Force Unleashed.
You don’t know the power of the dark side…