Monthly archives: August, 2008

iApps: IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger

IM+ is a free and easy to use “all-in-one” instant messenging app (with support for AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, etc) for iDevices.  Kiss the AIM app goodbye!

Outside Lands revisited

[flv: 500 281]

In retrospect, Rodrigo y Gabriela’s performance was, overall, the most enjoyable part of my Outside Lands experience.  Although I love Radiohead, the crowd and technical issues created a less than ideal environment during their set.  Alternatively, during Rodrigo y Gabriela, I was able to focus exclusively on their wonderful music without any …

Obama makes history tonight!

Congratulations to Barack Obama on this historic achievement!!!

Allez Cuisine! Iron Chef coming to the Wii

Today’s secret ingredient is….WHAT?!?!  Didn’t see this one coming – Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine is being released for Nintendo Wii (and DS). Trailer after the break…

Kenya Safari 2008 photos are up!

Photo highlights from my (incredibly amazing) honeymoon safari in Kenya are up!

Outside Lands: A solid start

The first-ever Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival concluded last night with Jack Johnson rounding out the weekend performances. While the festival was not without its hiccups, for the most part, the organizers did a respectable job.

Festivals of this size are judged not only on its musical lineup, but also on the smoothness of …

Radiohead (mostly) rocks Golden Gate Park

[flv: 500 281]

The first-ever Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival kicked off last night.  With my eyes squarely focused on Radiohead (only) last night, I can’t speak too much for the festival as a whole, but that post will follow.  Now back to the important matter at hand, Radiohead in Golden Gate Park.

What can …

There and Back Again, is back

After the incredible success (both cinematographically and commercially) of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, many fans became concerned that Peter Jackson’s legal scuffles with New Line Cinema would all but have precluded him from working on the highly anticipated screen adaption of Tolkien’s other children’s masterpiece, The Hobbit.

As of yesterday, Jackson (and his team) …

2008 Beijing LEGO Olympics

… and the gold medal for 2008 Beijing LEGO Olympic recreation goes to… Hong Kong Lego User Group – a team of block-building super “athletes”!

(via Daily Mail)

‘Checkpoint Friendly’ laptop cases

As of yesterday (Aug. 16, 2008), the Transportation Security Administration is now allowing laptops to remain in newly approved ‘checkpoint friendly’ bags, but still “reserves the right to re-screen any bag or laptop regardless of the design of the bag.”

Relatively good news for tech-savvy travelers; now if only they would invent/approve ‘unloseable’ luggage (see Mishandled …