Month: July 2008

Beck delivers with Modern Guilt

Beck recently released his first new album in 2 years – Modern Guilt.  Never one to let his fans down (at least in the studio), Beck delivers another catchy/eclectic/creative musical experience.
Like all of his records, Modern Guilt maintains a unique but familiar feel throughout.  Beck’s ability to produce both quality music and complete albums continues …

Shirt of the Day

alligator = actual water hazard

Here Comes the Sun

Toyota recently announced that it will be adding solar equipment to its next-gen Prius (as well as reducing the vehicles weight to improve mpg).  The solar panels installed on the roof will aid in powering the hybrid‘s air-conditioning system, of all things.
Now that’s just funny.
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LEGOs imitating life

Useloos Gallery’s ‘Lego Kopie‘ features a number of famous photographs reimagined in LEGOs
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Burma Superstar > B Star

Looking forward to a delicious meal at Burma Superstar is always bittersweet – while the food may be really tasty, arriving any time after 5:30pm (F-Sun) almost always means waiting an hr+ to be seated.
Such was the case this evening.  However this time, a new sign marked the doorway – 1.5 blocks away was another …


John Adams was on to something…

Why do we celebrate our independence today, July 4th, when the Declaration of Independence was actually adopted by Congress on July 2, 1776?  Because apparently:
[N]o member of Congress thought about commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence until July 3 – one day too late. So the first organized elaborate celebration of independence occurred …

Quantum of Solace trailer

Daniel Craig has got to be second only to Sean Connery in terms of mastering 007 – can’t wait til November!
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