Burma Superstar > B Star

Looking forward to a delicious meal at Burma Superstar is always bittersweet – while the food may be really tasty, arriving any time after 5:30pm (F-Sun) almost always means waiting an hr+ to be seated.

Such was the case this evening.  However this time, a new sign marked the doorway – 1.5 blocks away was another restaurant owned by the same people – B Star!

B Star (which has apparently been open for over a year) offers select favorites from its sibling including two of their best starters: Tea Leaf salad and Vegetarian Samosa soup.   There was no wait, a lot more room inside, and an outdoor seating area.  The menu is a fun mix of Asian-fusion flavors, although a bit on the (relatively) pricey side.

If you’re craving Burma Superstar, but can’t stomach the wait, B Star is a pleasant and convenient alternative.