Monthly archives: June, 2008

Toyota takes dead aim at Smart with iQ

Toyota’s latest city car – iQ – has Daimler’s Smart brand squarely in its sights. Not only is this oddly appealing ride aiming for the top of its class (“premium” ultra-compacts), but it also happens to be big T’s most fuel (gas-only) efficient vehicle.

(via Motor Authority)

The original original The Office

On last night’s SNL, Ricky Gervais confessed the inspiration for his smash-hit – The Office – came from Japan.

The best and worst of [adult swim] has compiled a collection of best of/worst of/top moments from a variety of [adult swim] programming, including Family Guy, Robot Chicken, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, to name a few.
Just another amazing example of the interwebs endless potential!

Great Moments in IPTV

Perhaps the most exciting IPTV news since the launch of South Park Studios, NBC/News Corp. video joint venture site – Hulu – is now offering full length on-demand (480p) streams of The Daily Show and Colbert Report!

(via TechCrunch)

Weekend Update: Firefox edition

Stumbled across a couple of interesting/fun Firefox-related posts today:

Slashdot – check out this flash video of some of the new features included in Mozilla’s upcoming release of Firefox 3
Lifehacker – add 2000 NES games to Firefox with the FireNes extension

IM your way to the top!

Researchers have found that workers who use instant messaging are actually more productive.
Using instant messaging led to more conversations on the computer, but the conversations were briefer, said R. Kelly Garrett, co-author of the study and assistant professor of communication at Ohio State.
This new evidence is counter to the widely accepted idea that IMing is …

Convincing and constructive procrastination

Read at Work – this great site mimics a Win XP desktop complete with functioning clock, network icon, and a variety of literary works disguised as PowerPoint presentations stashed in folders.

You have to see this for yourself!

Historic Shirt of the day

A wonderful and historic moment!