Month: June 2008

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class

(Disney) Pixar’s WALL-E is another success in what has become quite a long line of winning animated feature films.
WALL-E is both visually (can’t go wrong with Pixar animation) and mentally (humans v. humans; humans v. robots; robots v. robots) stimulating.
This timely (see global warming) movie combines robots, space travel, human indulgence, and environmental disaster – …

Tiger defeated Rocco, the Net

Not only was Tiger Wood’s epic 2008 U.S. Open victory one for the (sporting) ages, it was also the first and only time that golf has threatened the well-being of the interwebs:
When Woods was battling Rocco Mediate June 16 in the U.S. Open playoff, Internet service providers saw such a spike in usage—a 15 to …

Shirt of the Day

America, F Yea!

A Jedi We Can Believe In

Asked whether Obama would be considered a Jedi [in the Star Wars universe] during a recent trip to Capitol Hill, George Lucas responded, “I would say that’s reasonably obvious.”
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Shirt of the Day

Now this is newsworthy!

You can’t take it with you

Reckoner v2 – one of the best entries in the aniBoom In Rainbows Animated Music Video Contest
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The “complete” Web 2.0 directory is the self-proclaimed ‘complete Web 2.0 directory’ – who am I to argue otherwise.
The only biggest gripe I have with this site is the fact that it fails to define Web 2.0 – in other words, how does one know which websites qualify for inclusion?
Regardless, this neat site combines Flash & AJAX to display …

iPhone 3G in chocolate?

Apple might not have any plans to add a brown model to its impending iPhone 3G lineup (black or white), but you can still get the iPhone 3G in chocolate…literally!
USBfever is now accepting pre-orders for its ‘IPhone Chocolate Style Silicone case.’  This novel case turns big A’s mobile into a bar of chocolate – providing …

No, thank you Mozilla

get your own Firefox 3 Download Day certificate

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Firefox 3 has finally arrived!  Help Mozilla set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours by heading over here, and downloading FF3!