Engage your brain’s deflector shields!

Chalk up another point for coffee! The BBC is reporting on a recent study performed at the University of North Dakota involving rabbits and coffee.

A vital barrier* between the brain and the main blood supply of rabbits fed a fat-rich diet was protected in those given a caffeine supplement.

*(The “blood brain barrier” is a filter which protects the central nervous system from potentially harmful chemicals carried around in the rest of the bloodstream)

“Caffeine is a safe and readily available drug and its ability to stabilise the blood brain barrier means it could have an important part to play in therapies against neurological disorders.” – Dr. Jonathan Geiger (study leader)

So there you have it. Coffee not only wakes you up, it also has the potential to create a cholesterol blocking force field at the same time! If you had any reason to doubt your daily dose of mud, you now have science on your side.

(via BBC)