Apple stuns the world with new iPhone!

BREAKING: Apple releases the next-gen iPhone early!

That’s right! Apple has upped the ante once again. Forget 3G…the newest iPhone comes upgraded with 4G WiMAX connectivity, integrated Adobe Flash support, and what is possibly the most improbable/unforeseen feature of all – holographic messaging!

Apple\'s new iPhone

First there was visual voicemail…now holographic messaging! Send your friends holographic images, texts, and messages all with the upgraded 5mp, 3x OIS zoom, integrated holographic camera!

Last but not least, Apple has capped off this (r)evolutionary update to its flagship device by increasing the on-board memory 8 fold – from a max of 16gb up to a whopping 128gb of flash memory!

Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

(via It Does Grow On Trees!)