Month: April 2008

Its 2:54pm, do you know where your WiFi is?

This incredibly handsome utilitarian timepiece – WiFi Detecting Watch – can detect wireless networks within 100 meters outside.
This thing could actually come in handy while traveling, especially in urban areas where there is bound to be some open networks.
As a bonus, the watch features a prominent WiFi button for lightening-quick network searches AND a …

Mario Kart Wii: The legend continues

Mario Kart Wii is finally here! This latest update to the classic fan-favorite combines Mario Kart’s timeless gameplay with new tracks, vehicles, and features.
Most notably, players can now race online – competing against friends or random people around the world. Once you connect via Nintendo WFC, players see a real-time view of a …

Low-resolution furniture

Add a little pixelation to your home with The Pixel Couch!
(via reddit)

New: – putting green first!

I’ve recently started a new side project – This new site uses Google Custom Search to create a search engine that places an emphasis on green results.
Basically, the more green info sites collected, the greenr and more relevant the results. So head on over to and give it a spin…and …


The new and improved Nintendo Entertainment System

Just when you thought the NES couldn’t get any smaller…some dude was able to create this incredible Super Mario Bros. NES.
In an incredible feat of efficiency and nostalgia, an old SMB cartridge has been transformed into a fully armed and operational battlestation Nintendo Entertainment System.
Yes please!
(via CrunchGear)

Free solar power estimates online

Own (or plan to buy) a home in California? Curious how much a solar energy system would be? Head on over to Sungevity, enter your home address, and within 24 hours you will receive an estimate customized for your home.

Through a combination of technologies, Sungevity is able to remotely and accurately determine the potential effectiveness …

Keeping sh*t organized

Yahoo! Widget – Day Planner-Calendar – is a free, easy, and effective way to stay organized.

This widget adds To-Do lists to your desktop, lets you set reminders and deadlines, and will also sync with your Google Calendar, enabling you to add tasks and events to your gCal.
In order to use it, you first need to …

The World Without Web

One of the best and most on-point South Park episodes in years –
“Over Logging” is an instant classic!

A new take on an old classic

Now this is what real fanboys do with their time.

Start your week off on the right clip

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One of my all-time favorites!