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A Long Time Ago in a (LEGO) Galaxy Far, Far Away…

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I am the epitome of the casual gamer. Over the span of my 27 years I have only owned 3 (in-home) systems: NES, N64, and now Wii. The common denominator to all of these platforms is obviously Nintendo; but beyond the obvious, the real draw is the emphasis on fun …

Better late than never

Hulu will finally open to the public tomorrow after 4+ months in private beta. This joint online-venture between NBC Universal and News Corp features on-demand video (some with “limited” commercial interruption) from over 30 different networks/studios such as NBC, Bravo, Fox, and National Geographic to name a few.

This is just the beginning …

The family resemblance is striking

No matter how much I love the Wii, the original NES will always have a special place in my <3. Needless to say, I got a little excited after stumbling across these nostalgic ($15) Wii Skins from DecalGirl (above: original NES | below: retro Revolution).

Etch(A Sketch)ed in Time

The Etch A Sketch clock – modern-retro meets the hourglass
(via Engadget)

Start your weekend with more confidence!

Update (11/17/08): FYI, no more crossword avail, due to lack of interest 🙁

Introducing boilr’s weekly crossword puzzle. Keeping your brain in shape has never been easier (no seriously)!

Thanks to the free EclipseCrossword software (currently Win-only), creating and publishing crossword puzzles is a snap.

Check back for a new boilr-related puzzle each Friday (+/- a few …

Fresh powder 365 days a year!

The upcoming release of We Ski and the Wii Balance Board looks quite promising, especially for those of us whose knees (and wallets) can’t handle real slopes any more.

Now With More Democracy!

The 2008 Primary has inspired me to make boilr more democratic. In the spirit of the Election, I have added 2 new features to the site to enable more reader feedback/participation: a post rating system and social bookmarking options.

You might also notice that I have transitioned from categorizing the posts by topic to organizing …

Free multi-touch/wireless mouse! (BYOiPhone/Touch)

Another shining example of the amazing free software that is being developed for the iPhone/iPod touch (and will hopefully be ported to Apple’s official SDK at no cost!).

(via Lifehacker | more info)

Wii cannot be stopped!

The first true Nintendo Entertainment System – the Wii combines gaming (with a catalog covering the last 20 yrs), Web access (via the Internet Channel), streaming media (via the free software – Orb), and now interactive TV (in Japan)!

That’s right – Big N launched the Wii TV Guide Channel in Japan. According to …

Radiohead by the Bay

YES! The SF Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival is OFFICIAL!!! Headliners will include previously speculated artists: Radiohead, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and Jack Johnson.

More info should be available soon on the official website:

(via At Ease)