Dave Chappelle @ Cobb’s Comedy Club – 3.16.08

Dave Chappelle @ Cobb’s Comedy Club - 3.16.08

Dave Chappelle put on a fantastic performance Sunday, March 16, 2008, at Cobb’s Comedy Club in North Beach!

Not surprisingly, Chappelle is as funny as ever! He started the set with a series of pokes at the tiger mauling that occurred at the SF Zoo a few months back, continued with hilarious insight and jabs at the San Fran crowd, touched on politics, gave perspective into his family life, and never let up.

One of the funniest joke of the night: Dave was talking about being older and married with kids – before his wife goes to bed (and after Dave has had a few tokes), she has to remind Dave not to eat his kids’ lunches! [Obviously I can do no justice to the hilariousness that comes with his perfect timing and delivery…but I think you get the idea.] He then casually quips, “I don’t do it any more…”

Cheers to Dave and Sarah, jr.! (you had to be there)