A better way to go hands-free

Jabra SP5050

This summer, California will be following on the heels of a number of other States/DC which have made using a cellphone while driving illegal. The “Hands-Free Law” goes into effect on July 1, 2008 (more info here).

In a nutshell, motorists over 18 will be required to use some sort of hands-free device (be it a headset or external speaker) in order to use their mobile phone while driving. While some people prefer on-ear headsets (wired or bluetooth), I have recently become a huge fan of my new bluetooth hands-free speaker, the Jabra SP5050.

Why bring this up now? It is on sale this week at Costco (in-store only) from $69.99 to $49.99. Once charged and configured, this ultra-slim device offers one of the best hands-free options out there. It auto-pairs with most mobile phones, has an easy to understand interface, is barely noticeable, and offers extremely clear sound with noise-canceling technology. For regular commuters (or Californians), this is absolutely a step (or three) above other hands-free solutions, especially wireless headsets.