Month: March 2008

I find your lack of faith disturbing

NPR has a great story about rejected Star Wars merchandise concepts, including an audio-slideshow complete with mock-ups and commentary by the original designers.
Some of the considered ideas: AT-AT Chair Caddy, Bantha Slippers, Cloud City desk lamp, Darth Vader gumball machine, and Princess Leia headphones.
For more, head over to Action Hero Insider to read one of …

Gotta see it to believe it

Learn more about Photosynth here; try it here.

Getting in sync

After years of living in what seemed like 2 distinct worlds (desktop v. laptop), I finally realized the need and benefits of syncing info across my machines.
Although there are numerous solutions out there, I took advice from one of my more pro-Windows friends (WE) and tried Microsoft’s own free app – SyncToy (obviously, Win-only).
A straight-forward …

How fast are you surfing?

Curious about how fast your Internet connection really is? Head over to to find out.

IPTV cubed

As TV continues to find its way online, more and more services have sprung up to help viewers find their favorite shows. PrimeTimeRewind offers a somewhat unique, but ultimately not that useful flash rotating cube IPTV guide.

Guitar Hero hits the road

(via CrunchGear)

Dave Chappelle @ Cobb’s Comedy Club – 3.16.08

Dave Chappelle put on a fantastic performance Sunday, March 16, 2008, at Cobb’s Comedy Club in North Beach!
Not surprisingly, Chappelle is as funny as ever! He started the set with a series of pokes at the tiger mauling that occurred at the SF Zoo a few months back, continued with hilarious insight and …

GM turns to Spy Hunter

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Google Earth has its limits

For all your interstellar travel needs: Google Sky

A better way to go hands-free

This summer, California will be following on the heels of a number of other States/DC which have made using a cellphone while driving illegal. The “Hands-Free Law” goes into effect on July 1, 2008 (more info here).
In a nutshell, motorists over 18 will be required to use some sort of hands-free device (be it …